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The Return To Prominence of Hats

The way the modern fashion world is moving can usually be found quite clearly by looking at some local expos and events. There are plenty of fashion events every year, and the recent Pitti Uomo 86 festival held in Florence, one of the capitals of fashion, gave us plenty of food for thought when it comes to how hats can be used. More

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The History of Paisley

Before the design arrived in contemporary menswear it had to take quite the long journey: originally from Persia, the motif became popular in India from where it was imported by British colonialists in the 17th century. Queen Victoria liked it so much she started a whole paisley trend.

The problem with the imported paisley cloth (used mainly for scarfs) was that it was very expensive nsive. So printers in Europe started copying the design locally, in Britain especially in and around the Scottish town Paisley; that’s where its modern name comes from.

At first, these prints were of low quality, not comparable to the richness of the originals, but the process was refined over time; today, the most traditional technique is to screen print on silk, wool and various mixtures.

This is also the technique we use for our pocket squares and ties. In our upcoming fall/winter collection, we will have a nice assortment of pocket squares, ties and scarfs in various paisley patterns: rich browns and blues on cream wool; real ancient madder ties in glorious blues and reds; warm brown on gold for scarfs.

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The Beauty of Japanese Fabrics



Like many style enthusiasts, I like clothes with unusual details. I just often prefer mine to be hidden. So, sport coats with poacher’s pockets, boots with unseen straps, and pants with an unnecessary number of buttons. The newest project is a leather jacket with a special Japanese lining. I got the idea from Greg at No Man Walks Alone, who was working on a similar project last year until it fell through. Since I won’t be able to get one from him, I’ve been thinking about buying a jacket elsewhere, and then taking it to an alterations tailor to have the lining replaced. Ideally, the jacket would be a café racer, black and austere, constructed from a heavy cowhide, and accented with silver zips. It’d look tough and mean, but also have a special lining inside that no one would see. The only question is what fabric to use.

At the top of the list is boro, a Japanese folk fabric originally used by thrifty farmers and fishermen. Here, a large piece of cloth is repaired with scraps and rags over the course of a few family generations. The result is something that looks like a Japanese version of an American patchwork quilt, where hundreds of indigo patches are pieced together with roughhewn stitches. I imagine those various shades of blue would look fantastic next to black leather.

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Green Day
In La Vera Sartoria Napoletana / Ascot Chang / Drake’s of London / Simonnot Godard / Salvatore Ambrosi / Carmina Shoemaker


Green Day

In La Vera Sartoria Napoletana / Ascot Chang / Drake’s of London / Simonnot Godard / Salvatore Ambrosi / Carmina Shoemaker

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Tombolini PoW.